Meiji University Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program for the Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis strives to elucidate the essence of complex phenomena through mathematical modeling and analysis. Examples of complex phenomena studied include adaptations of living organisms, neural coding, group behavior when panicked, predicting earthquakes or weather patterns, economic fluctuations, and Internet network, and so forth. To this end, our Global COE Program has devised the following three research groups.

  • Mathematical Analysis Group
  • Simulation Group
  • Modeling Group

i. Mathematical Analysis Group

The Mathematical Analysis Group probes many fundamental issues related to complex phenomena. Their results are often used in the research of the other two groups. This group is led by Global COE Program fellows, Sunada, Mimura, Tamaki, and Ninomiya, and focuses on the following topics:

  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Discrete geometrical analysis
  • Theory of stochastic processes
  • Time series analysis
  • Numerical analysis
  • Theory of algorism
  • Experimental mathematics
  • Mathematical Analysis Group members

ii. Simulation Group

The Simulation Group applies high-level computer skills and an in-depth knowledge of computer simulations and visualization as well as a comprehensive understanding of phenomena and modeling to investigate complex phenomena. Global COE Program fellows, Kusano, Sugihara, and Ueyama, oversee this group. Specifically, this group investigates:

iii. Modeling Group

The Modeling Group examines biological as well as social phenomena. This group includes Okabe, Kobayashi, Nishimori, Shibata, Wakano, Mukaidono, Kariya, Arakawa, and Mori, who have experience in collaborative research involving mathematicians, experimental researchers, and field researchers. In particular, this group constructs models on phenomena in:

  • Mathematical life science
  • Mathematical biology
  • Nonlinear non-equilibrium science
  • Safety studies
  • Financial technology
  • Modeling Group members