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We encourage all prospective members to visit Meiji University Global COE Program for the Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis at Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS) in Japan. Please email us at to schedule an appointment before visiting MIMS.

i. Our Location

Our Global COE Program is located in the Kanagawa prefecture, which is an education and cultural district in the Tokyo area. While it is an urban campus near Japan's capitol, MIMS is located at the Ikuta Campus, which is in the lush green Tama Hills. Thus, our students and faculty can experience both the amenities of modern society and relax with nature.
Below are directions and a map to show where MIMS is located.

ii. Access / Contact

If you have any questions, or additional information, please contact us following the information below:

Address :
Office of the Global COE Program, Meiji University>>

Access :
To Ikuta Campus, Meiji University>>