Meiji University Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program for the Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis aims to be a world class education center.

Due to the gap between mathematics and science, it is apparent that education of talented young researchers is crucial to improve innovative achievements, especially in mathematical modeling and analysis.  Thus, one of the main objects of our Global COE Program is to be an internationally renowned education center for Mathematical Sciences.  As such, we strive to cultivate outstanding researchers who possess a strong background in mathematics, especially mathematic modeling and analysis, so that our graduates can be global leaders in various research fields that bridge mathematics and science.  Hence, our Global COE Program has established the following programs to provide unparalleled educational opportunities and mentorship to young researchers.

MIMS Ph.D. Program

The MIMS Ph.D. Program is designed to nurture exceptional students so that our graduates possess the skills necessary to be strong international leaders in mathematic modeling and analysis.  Our program uses all available resources to provide the best education possible.  In particular, our program fosters young researchers through:

  • Classes to develop an understanding of complex phenomena
  • Courses and seminars to develop a comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, especially modeling and analysis
  • Mentorship by MIMS members
  • Student coordinated public research offerings
  • First-hand experience conducting collaborative research
  • Opportunities to study and/or conduct research abroad
  • MIMS special fellowship system for graduate students

MIMS Training Program for Young Researchers

The MIMS Training Program for Young Researchers is designed to nurture exceptional post-doctoral fellows.  Our program provides additional training and mentorship to foster researchers with truly outstanding mathematical skills, especially in developing models and analysis to extract the essence of complex phenomena.