2012 ICMAS Poster session

Award winners

Best Poster Award

Alvaro Kohn-Luque
(Department of Applied Mathematics, Complutense University of Madrid)
"Modelling Vascular Morphogenesis"

Poster Award for Excellence

  • Koutarou Tamura
    (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    "Money-flow model on a Japanese inter-firm network and Theoretical"
  • Akiko Nakamasu
    (JSPS; MIMS, Meiji University)
    "Modeling and analysis of branching patterns in compound leaves"

Incentive Award for Poster presentation

  • Hirofumi Niiya
    (Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University)
    "Dunes as dynamical systems; numerical and analytical approaches to morphodynamics"
  • Kenta Odagiri
    (MIMS, Meiji University)
    "Ring formation by competition between entropic effects and thermophoresis"
  • Hirofumi Izuhara
    (MIMS, Meiji University)
    "Spatio-temporal patterns in the Keller-Segel system with growth">
  • Joao Gari da Silva Fonseca Junior
    (AIST - Research Center for Photovoltaic Technologies)
    "Forecasting Photovoltaic Power Generation in Hokkaido: A Preliminary Assessment Regarding Local and Regional Accuracy"